About EcoTopic AB

The founders of EcoTopic AB are Mattias Gustafsson and Lotta Ek. Biochar and the development of its industry is our passion. We work with our customers to plan for, develop and initiate production or use of biochar. Responsibility for ensuring that the biochar’s potential as soil improvement, carbon sink and other applications lies with all of us in the industry. Therefore, we work actively to drive the development forward through a broad commitment in both research, private and public sector. Our assignments include feasibility studies, project planning & project management, financing applications, lectures & education both in Sweden and internationally.

We always work together in our assignments. Our competencies complement each other and it provides the best delivery to our customers. If the assignments require, we also have a large network of experts that we love to work with.

The biochar industry is growing at a furious pace and it takes both passion and time to keep up to date. Our strength is that biochar is what we do. It’s not our hobby, it’s our passion.

Mattias & Lotta