Lotta Ek
CEO EcoTopic AB

I love creating order in chaos, building structure and to deliver on target. My strengths are project management, administration and writing. I gladely hand over tasks that require attention to detail to Mattias.


+46-76 24 36
Mattias Gustafsson
Specialist on Biochar & Partner Ecotopic AB

Sustainable technology and new applications for biochar that can make the world better is my driving force. My strengths are to see technical systems and to be updated on the latest development in the biochar business and research to develop new projects and products. I also enjoy to talk to other enthusiasts and to lecture.

+4673 765
Jonatan Malmberg
Specialist in urban vegetation systems

I have a background in environmental science and I have worked with urban vegetation systems since 2012. I enjoy working in solution-focused collaborations together with committed project partners and customers. My strengths are the drive to move forward in both easy and challenging situations, networking and my experiences from innovation projects. My main interests are climate action and a richer animal and plant life

070 782 87
Jalina Strand
Economy & Administration
I am passionate about creating order in EcoTopic and in our projects. We work with many different clients at the same time, and it suits me perfectly. Through our project, I look forward to developing my skills within the biochar industry.
Jacquelin Hellman
Green roofs, film and photgraphy

Before finding biochar, my path was through photography, filmmaking, philosophy, gardening and cultivation. Now I am studying to become a garden engineer and working for EcoTopic in projects including biochar application, biochar in urban plant beds and communication. I look forward to connecting my areas of knowledge with the ambition to contribute in some way to a more sustainable society.