Consultants with a passion for biochar

Biochar is multidisciplinary, simple & complex, ancient & innovative. It is a world that is inexhaustible on inventions, business ideas and unanswered questions for entrepreneurs and researchers to take on. This exciting world is our everyday life.

We realize your biochar project together!

Pre-feasibility studies

The key to a successful project lies in the preparatory work. We compile your biochar project’s prerequisites and needs in a preliminary study. With a good foundation, you can focus on making decisions about the next step forward.

Project planning and project management

Workshops, timetable, budget, risk analysis and much more. We follow you from idea to reality and handle administration and documentation along the way. We include structure, solution focus and a positive drive to your project group.

Funding application

Do you want to apply for funding to implement your biochar project? Biochar and carbonization technology are industries under development and the opportunities for local and national funding are several.

Lectures and educations

Are you arranging a conference where biochar is in the spot-light or do you and your colleagues or friends want to learn more about biochar? We love to lecture and educate about our great passion; biochar.

About us

EcoTopic AB was founded in 2012. Then, biochar was almost completely unknown and we dreamed of working full time with our great passion. Imagine making the world better while we use, develop and challenge our best personal qualities and competencies! Our dream was realized faster than expected and since then we have started, developed and supported biochar projects and initiatives both in Sweden and internationally and lectured worldwide.

Within EcoTopic we work together. Our competences and personalities complement and strengthen each other. In addition, we have promised ourselves that EcoTopic will be a company that does good for the world and its employees and therefore we try our very best to have fun while working.

The development of the biochar industry moves incredibly fast and now we know that we have the courage to dream big. What will be the next step?

We are Ecotopic

Lotta Ek
CEO EcoTopic AB

I love creating order in chaos, building structure and to deliver on target. My strengths are project management, administration and writing. I gladely hand over tasks that require attention to detail to Mattias.

076 24 36
Mattias Gustafsson
Specialist on Biochar & Partner EcoTopic AB

Sustainable technology and new applications for biochar that can make the world better is my driving force. My strengths are to see technical systems and to be updated on the latest development in the biochar business and research to develop new projects and products. I also enjoy to talk to other enthusiasts and to lecture.

073 76514
Jonatan Malmberg
Specialist in urban vegetation systems

I have a background in environmental science and I have worked with urban vegetation systems since 2012. I enjoy working in solution-focused collaborations together with committed project partners and customers. My strengths are the drive to move forward in both easy and challenging situations, networking and my experiences from innovation projects. My main interests are climate action and a richer animal and plant life.

070 782 87
Jacqueline Hellmann
Garden engineer, film & photography

Before finding biochar, my path was through photography, filmmaking, philosophy, gardening and cultivation. I am a garden engineer and working for EcoTopic in projects including feasibility studies, product development and communication. I look forward to connecting my areas of knowledge with the ambition to contribute to a more sustainable society.

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