Communication, photo and video

Is your organization active in the area of sustainability and needs communication materials? EcoTopic works with translation, layout, photography as well as moving images (interviews, lectures, project videos, drone footage, etc.).

We have assisted the City of Stockholm with translation work, made project videos and films for Klimatkommunerna and LTH Department of Automatic Control. Additionally, we have been responsible for everything from layout and illustration to writing and printing the Book of Biochar, to mention a few of our projects.

Inspelning om Reglerteknik för LTH
Filmer för LTH
Filmer för LTH
Översättning av Växtbäddshandboken
Biokolboken utdrag
Biokolboken utdrag
Biokolboken utdrag
Filmarbete Indien
Inspelning Juleboda Gård för Klimatkommunerna
Filmer för Klimatkommunerna

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