Feasibility studies

Produce Biochar

The key to a successful project lies in the preparatory work. Within our service “Feasibility study Produce Biochar”, we go through your prerequisites for establishing biochar production. We agree on what content you need and work based on that. Examples of what we can include in a feasibility study are:

  • Quantification of available amounts of biomass as well as calculation and assessment of the type of biochar that the specific biomass can generate.
  • Identification and presentation of biochar technologies that meet set requirements for biomass, capacity and economy.
  • Description of your logistic system linked to biochar production.
  • Proposals for alternative business models that are adapted to the organization’s conditions.
  • One or more comparable investment calculations that illustrate the profitability of the investment depending on the choice of technology or business model.
  • Description of permit issues, market analyzes for generated products, financing opportunities, requirements for the organization, communication, etc.

With a good basis, you can focus on making decisions about the next step forward.

Use Biochar

Biochar is a collective term for an infinite number of different products. We can help you find out which properties the biochar needs to suit exactly what you plan to do within our service “Feasibility study Use Biochar”.

In addition to finding the right type of biochar, we can also assist in establishing purchase channels with suppliers. Together we agree on what the preliminary study should contain.

What is your project about?

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